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AARP Multicultural Survey July 2001

  • When thinking of whom they consider close family members, Asian Americans are the most likely to mention their spouse (69%, compared with 59% overall), and the least likely to mention children (65%, compared with 75% in the population generally) and grandchildren (only 2%, compared with 10% among everyone else).

Heavy expectations for elder care: Asian Americans report expectations of their parents and their own expectations for their children that are considerably more extensive than those described by other members of the generation.

  • Seventy-three percent of Asian Americans believe that children in their families should care for elderly parents, whereas only half (49%) of all Americans think so.

  • Similarly, Asian Americans (38%) are far more likely than others (22%) to agree their children should plan to care for them.

  • Asian Americans are particularly more inclined (70%) than other Americans (62%, on average) to think that their efforts on behalf of their parents have exceeded their parents’ expectations.

  • Nevertheless, Asian Americans are the most likely to feel guilty, with 72 percent saying they should do more for their parents, compared with 48 percent of other older boomers.

  • Among Asian Americans, the foreign-born are more likely (74%) than their American-born counterparts (65%) to believe they are expected to care for older relatives. Asian Americans born outside the United States are also more likely (81%) than U.S.-born Asians (47%) to feel guilt over not doing enough.

Roles fulfilled and stresses resulting:

  • Slightly more than half (52%) of Asian Americans between the ages of 45 and 55 have children under 21 and a parent or in-law living, the greatest proportion among all groups.

  • The Asian Americans in this age cohort are already far more likely than other Americans to be taking care of their elders. Forty-two percent say they take care of or provide financial support to their parents or other older people, compared with only 22 percent among the general population.

Prepared for AARP by Belden Russonello & Stewart and Research/Strategy/Management Page 86

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