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the protective measures within Europe and outside Europe. “I count on Europe being unani- mous in making an opposite decision”– he concluded.

he common energy policy has been considered one of the objectives of EU policy and has been covered by the Treaty of Lisbon. Filip Thon, President of the Management Board of RWE Polska said: “Eu- rope is having a serious debate about energy sources and the debate is moving in various di- rections. Poland is wondering how to introduce the nuclear energy, and Germany how to get rid of such energy.”. In the opinion of Mr Thon nuclear energy must be comple- mented with energies from renewable sources. An important opinion regarding the economic future of Europe was expressed by Esko Aho, Vice−President of the Management Board of Nokia. He said that Europe needed a growth perspective and a plan of development. If there is growth, there will be the potential to solve the other, more or less serious, problems. So the qu- estion is: how to ensure growth? He answered the question by saying that these days Europe has no favourable conditions in which to conduct business activities on the part of leading global companies focusing on IT technologies. He added that there were too many scal and nancial limitations to spend money on investments, and without investments we cannot ensure economic growth in Europe. Mr Aho said: “We know well the price of the lack of a uniform digital market in Europe from now until the year 2020. The price is approximately EUR 500 billion, constituting 4% of the total GDP of the Union today.” T Jürgen Fitschen, Member of the Group Executive Committee, Deutsche Bank AG, Germany

T he question regar- ding the future of Europe also entails a question about what we build. What is the European Union to be? Do we want it to be a community of interests or valu- es? Is it possible to reach such a balance of European policy

Esko Aho, Executive Vice–President, Nokia Corporation, Finland

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