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specially expressive in this context were the words of Mirek Topola- nek who attributed the reasons for the crisis in the Union not to mista- kes when calculating budgets, but to the crisis of values: “The question rela- ted to the crisis is whether we all notice its scope and reasons in the same way”. In his opinion this crisis is not an ordina- ry crisis of current policy and economy, but it is a crisis of philosophy, of prospe- rity, a crisis of consumerism, a crisis of the postmodern understanding of well- being, a crisis of moral values being the basis of our civilisation - concluded the former Prime Minister of the Czech Re- public. Therefore, in this context it is advisable to reect from the axiological per- spective allowing us to perceive the EU as a huge civilisation project. Marcelino Oreja Aguirre, the former European Commissioner from Spain and the former Se- cretary General of the Council of Europe, stated that the question regarding values was a primary question addressed to the Union, and that we had to keep trying to preserve the Union based on values, because development of the common area of values is a long process. Oreja Aguirre said also that as far as values were con- cerned, the European Union should promote democracy, lawfulness and human rights more eciently. The promotion of such values must be done wisely. This ne- eds discussion with social partners, not only with governments. Having adopted the Treaty of Lisbon, the Union possesses all the tools to translate proposals into particular actions. E Marcelino Oreja Aguirre, former European Commissione , former Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Spain

Vaira Vike-Freiberga, President (1999–2007), Latvia Jolanta Kwaśniewska, Founder and President, Communication Without Barriers Foundation, Poland


n the debate on values Vaira Vike-Freiberga, the former President of Latvia (1999 to 2007), made an important speech. Relying on a broad review of the rights of women in the contemporary world, she concluded that in a way society in

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