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Europe After The Lisbon Treaty. Strategies for the Future

ussia is the largest country and its relations with the EU are multidimensio- nal and polyvalent. It is the EU’s strategic partner on the one hand and the reason behind many fears and anxieties on the other. It is a huge market with extensive investment opportunities but its model of state-business relations still stirs anxiety and embarrassment. It is the partner of the modernisation program but its investment climate and the level of corruption actually discourage investors. Vladimir Kolesnikov, Vice-Chairman of the Safety Commission of the State Duma of Russia, stated that the consequences of the disintegration of the two-pole world taking place at the moment of the fall of the Soviet Union appeared to be extremely dangerous and harmful.To reduce the sphere of Russia’s inuence, inter alia by colo- urful revolutions, was the goal of the Americans. Globalisation processes, regardless of their recurrently negative consequences, led to a relatively even distribution of inuences. Again, we arrived at the two-pole model of international relations. Me- dvedev’s Russia is becoming a global player again and is likely to become a modern country dening the priorities of its safety policy and strategies in the international arena. R

he European Union, despite creating a relatively dense structure, has no uni- form attitude towards Russia. Italy, Greece and France have a dierent atti- tude from Germany or new member states. According to Friedbert Püger, Executive Director of the European Centre for Energy and Resources Security, King’s College London, the new partnership with Russia should be given a chance. This po- licy of“reset”should be continued, despite facts such as the war in Georgia. As far as T

Kira Lukyanova, Membe , State Duma, Russia Boris Guseletov, Head of International Oce, Political Party Spravedlivaya Rossiya, Russia


International politics and security


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