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Europe After The Lisbon Treaty. Strategies for the Future

he long debate on the situation of Ukraine was summarised with the voice of Gert Weisskirchen, a former Bundestag member. In his view, Ukraine does not make an advantage of its genuine potentials, such as agriculture, young pe- ople on the job market and its position of an intermediary between East and West. The fact that this country does not make advantage of the position of Warsaw in its European policy, in Weisskirchen’s view, is a mistake as a result of which Poland was not among the rst countries in Yanukovych’s schedule of visits. The Orange Revo- lution showed distinctly that Ukraine has a tremendous potential in the form of its young generation, who feel citizens of Europe and long to be in Europe. This poten- tial was not used by the previous team, entangled in internal disputes and conicts, and deprived the country of development perspectives. He shared his fear that if, within the next eighteen months, authorities do not make an eort to conduct mo- dernisation and fail to provide democratic impetus by means of freedom of speech and political belief, thus guaranteeing the participation in own decisions, we do not know what will happen inside the society - concluded Gert Weisskirchen. T

great deal of attention during the forum was paid to the foreign policy of the European Union, including Eastern policy. Eastern Partnership is a common political initiative of Poland and Sweden and became the ocial policy of the entire Union at the summit in Prague in 2009. A A ccording to its assumptions, its aim is to realise one of the main objectives of Polish foreign policy, i.e. to bring closer and integrate Eastern European co- untries with the European Union. Within the framework of debates, the rst year of activity of the Eastern Partnership was summarised, the balance of achie- vements was made and desirable directions of development necessary to support the processes of integration and cooperation in the region were specied. The is- sue was mentioned by, among others, Tomasz Lenz, Member of Parliament, Sejm


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