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Europe After The Lisbon Treaty. Strategies for the Future

Michał Szubski, President of the Board, Polskie Gornictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo SA (PGNiG SA), Poland Andreas Golombek, CEO, Lurgi S.A., Poland

its sources is biomass energy. Dalkia Polska is implementing such technologies in its plants in Łódź, Poznań and elsewhere. After these investments are completed such technologies will account for 15% of energy production.

he energy sector also requires huge investment. How to wisely invest in the Polish energy sector? What is the optimal development strategy for this sec- tor? A lack of well-thought-out strategies may threaten the existence of parti- cular players or even mean that it will be necessary to import electricity on a consi- derable scale. What is the solution to the situation in which the Polish energy sector nds itself now? In the context of these questions, it is worth paying attention to the remarks of Wojciech Topolnicki, Vice President of PGE, who talked about the scale of investment in the energy sector. Within the last two and a half years PGE itself spent about 50 billion Zloties on new power sources. A new trend is the gasica- tion of the energy sector, i.e. increasing the share of energy obtained from gas. The advantage of such investment is that it is more compatible with the dynamically developing wind energy sector. An important source of nancing for the necessary investment in this sector will be the inclusion of new investors, especially through privatisation processes. On the other hand, Mirosław Bieliński, President of the Ma- nagement Board at ENERGIA, stated that joint investment in the renery industry may become a new element of the investment package in the energy sector. One of ENERGIA’s clients is the Lotos company. In the renery industry it is important to provide very high quality electrical energy and a large amount of heat. It is, in fact, an energy business and not a renery business. Such cooperation naturally leads to joint investment. T


he issue of nuclear energy gives rise to a great deal of controversy in European policy. Philipe Castanet, President of EDF Polska, pointed out that such an investment requires an update of the legal framework. It is not clear yet how


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