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Europe After The Lisbon Treaty. Strategies for the Future

ndersecretary of State at the Ministry of Regional Development, Jarosław Pawłowski, calmed matters down by stating that the priorities of the Euro- pe 2020 strategy and those of the cohesion policy were not contradictory. In each we are able to prove that the National Strategy for Regional Development fullls the priorities of the Europe 2020 strategy. Today the cohesion policy is perce- ived as a‘donation’from the wealthy to the poor countries. However, it is money for development and it should be emphasised that developmental policy is a method of dealing with economic crisis. That is why cohesion policy should be presented – explained Pawłowski. U

egional cooperation and aid is important also for EU neighbor countries. Ve- aceslav Gututui, Deputy Minister of Construction and Regional Development in Moldova, stated that even tough Moldova is not in the European Union, the government of this country aims at European integration which it perceives as a nal goal. In order to get closer to this goal a number of strategic documents have been adopted. R R egions as the subject of activities and initiatives have to operate in the glo- balising world. Work places, taxes and development are interconnected. They create the image of a given region. Member of the Board of the Małopolskie Voivodship, Marek Sowa, pointed out that globalisation leads to ever-greater in- terdependence and integration between countries, societies, economies and cul- tures. Globalisation processes are inevitable and they are an opportunity for local communities. Daniel Braun, Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Regional Develop- ment of the Czech Republic, pointed out that it is necessary to adapt laws to the

Sven Andersson, Deputy Director of the Regional Cooperation Council, Region Dalarna, Sweden Andy Churchill, Chief Executive, Merseyside Network for Europe, United Kingdom


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