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The Valorsul WtE plant is located around 6 kilometres from the center of Lisbon. The Plant receives daily approximately 2000 tons of waste and produces enough energy to supply a city of 150 thousand inhabitants. It occupies an area of 4 ha and has a nominal processing capacity of 662 thousand tons/year (90% availability). A very complete environmental monitoring programme is implemented in order to evaluate the impact of the plant in the involving area.

Technical Details:

  • 1.

    Technological process: Mass Burning with energy recovery

  • 2.

    Location: S. Joao de Talha, Municipality of Loures

  • 3.

    Area Occupied: 4 ha

  • 4.

    Origin of the municipal solid waste: mixed collection by municipalities or privates entities

  • 5.

    Nominal processing capacity: 662.000 tonnes per year (90% availability)

  • 6.

    Calorific Value of the MSW: nominal 7820 kJ/kg

  • 7.

    Firebox grid: Detroit Stoker Reverse-Acting Stoker

  • 8.

    Steam production boilers: 2 units with natural circulation of a water panel with superheating

  • 9.

    Steam discharge in the turbine: 222.000 kg/h

  • 10.

    Superheated steam: 52.8 bar

  • 11.

    Gross electrical production: 525.71 kWh per tonne of MSW

  • 12.

    Electrical Self Concumption: 71.13 per tonne of MSW

  • 13.

    Nitrogen oxides removal system through SNCR

  • 14.

    Acid gases removal system through semi dry process through injection of lime wash

  • 15.

    Dioxins and Furans removal systems and heavy metals removal systems through injection of activated carbon

  • 16.

    Particle removal system through high performance baghouse filters

The Valorsul Sanitary Landfill is used to deposit waste that cannot be incinerated and also the mixed waste collection when the WTE Processing Plant is not operating. It is constituted of cells lined with impervious materials to retain the leached materials. There are also specific cells in which stabilized fly ash is deposited. In the Landfill, there is also a biogas extraction and burning network. In the sanitary landfill, there is also a Bottom-Ash Recovery Plant that receives the ash of the WTE Plant and separates ferrous and non-ferrous metals from the ash. The

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