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Randolph County                                                                                                                     Bid 07-1001

Due Date:  Thursday, October 25, 2007, 3:00P.M.                                                         EMS Ambulances



    Warning Indicators:

The electrical system shall incorporate a warning light panel in the driver's console. It shall provide indicator lights for showing whether patient compartment door(s) and/or, side and rear doors are open. This shall be a flashing RED light. There shall be an exterior compartment "door-open" warning light. This shall be a flashing AMBER light of the same size.

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    Wiring Installation:

The ambulance body and accessory electrical equipment shall be served by circuit(s) separate and distinct from the vehicle chassis circuits. All wiring provided by the ambulance manufacturer shall be copper and conform to all the SAE J1292 requirements and shall have type GXL "cross linked" high temperature polyethylene or better insulation rated to 300 degrees Fahrenheit and conforming to SAE J1127 and J1128.  An “as-built” wiring schematic shall be included.  Generic wiring schematic plans will not be accepted.

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5.5.1Wiring shall be permanently color coded to identify wires. Wires shall be permanently  ink embossed with both number and function codes. The function code shall be the "descriptive" name of the circuit served. The number code shall be the exact purpose of that circuit. This number code shall be completely referenced in a detailed wiring schematic provided with the vehicle. The function and number code shall be embossed at a minimum of 4 inch intervals the entire length of the wire.

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5.5.2Wiring shall be routed in conduit or high temperature looms with a rating of 300 degrees Fahrenheit where necessary to protect it. All added wiring shall be located in accessible, enclosed, and protected locations and kept at least six inches away from the exhaust system components. Electrical wiring and components shall not terminate in the oxygen storage compartment except for the oxygen controlled solenoid, compartment light, and switch plunger. All wiring passing through an oxygen compartment shall be routed in rigid conduit. All conduits, looms, and wiring shall be secured to the body or frame with insulated metal cable straps in order to prevent sagging and movement which results in chafing, pinching, snagging or any other damage. All apertures on the vehicle shall be properly grommeted and sealed for passing wiring and conform to SAE 1292. All items used for protecting or securing the wiring shall be appropriate for the specific application and be standard automotive, aircraft, marine or electronic hardware.

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