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Randolph County                                                                                                                     Bid 07-1001

Due Date:  Thursday, October 25, 2007, 3:00P.M.                                                         EMS Ambulances



6.1Vehicle Exterior Lighting Requirements:  

The basic exterior ambulance lighting shall comply to FMVSS Standard No. 108 and the requirements herein and include:  amber front and rear directional signals and hazard warning lights, front and rear side marker lights, backup light(s), loading light(s), clearance lights, ambulance emergency lights, floodlights, and spotlight(s). They shall be so designed as to provide easy bulb replacement. They shall also function as a turn signal indicator as described in Federal Specification KKK-A-1822E. All DOT marker and courtesy lights shall be LED type.  Rear brake lights shall be Whelen 600 series with flange, red LED maximum with signal alert pattern.   Rear turn signals shall be Whelen 600 series with flange LED amber turn arrow with sequential pattern.  Rear back-up lights shall be Whelen 600 series halogen with clear lenses.  Lights shall be placed above the rear kick plate centered with the brake light on top, turn signal light center, and back-up light on the bottom.  Lights shall be placed 2” apart.

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Emergency Lighting System:

The emergency lighting system must provide the vehicle with 360 degrees of visual warning conspicuity.  The system must display highly perceptible and attention-getting signals that function in a modal system and convey the message in the PRIMARY MODE - "Clear the Right-of-Way" and in the SECONDARY MODE - "Hazard Vehicle Stopped on Right-of-Way".

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6.2.1The front five LED’s across the upper level below the horizontal roofline shall be Whelen 900 Series smart linear LED provided, configuration shall be red, clear/red (split), clear (center), read/clear (split) and red going from left to right facing the ambulance box.  There shall be two (2) red Whelen 900 Series Smart linear LED on each upper side front and rear of the box.  The rear shall consist of two (2) Whelen 900 Series Smart linear LED red in upper outer corners, amber in upper center and two (2) additional red/amber split below the outer red lights.  There are a total of fourteen (14) Whelen 900 Series Smart linear LED.  Whelen 700 series with flange linear smart LED grill and intersection lights with two (2) red/clear grill LED’s located at least 30 inches above the ground, below bottom edge of the windshield  and will be laterally separated by at least 18 inches, measured from centerline to centerline of each lamp. Four (4) intersection lights shall be provided (2 on each side).  Two (2) Whelen 700 series with flange linear smart LED red/clear lights mounted on the front fenders of the chassis as far forward as possible.  Whelen 700 series with flange linear smart LED red lights shall be mounted centered over the rear wheels on both sides of the modular ambulance box.  These lights shall function in a dual mode system as shown in KKK_1822-E and meet the physical and photometric requirements of the same document.  Doors, auxiliary

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