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Randolph County                                                                                                                     Bid 07-1001

Due Date:  Thursday, October 25, 2007, 3:00P.M.                                                         EMS Ambulances


6.5Patient Compartment Illumination:

The patient compartment shall be provided with seven (7) overhead "dual-intensity" incandescent lights.  There shall be four (4) lights located over the "primary patient" area and three (3) over the squad bench.  There shall also be five (5)  fluorescent lights.  These lights shall have three (3) mounted over the primary patient area, and two (2) mounted over the bench area.  These lights shall be mounted into the patient compartment fiberglass headliner and shall not protrude into the patient compartment.  These lights must be bolted through tapping plates embedded in the fiberglass headliner.  The overhead lights shall have two (2) levels of illumination.  The use of fluorescent lights for primary patient compartment illumination is not acceptable due to RF emissions that can affect the operation of medical and telemetry equipment.  Bulbs must be standard 1157.

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6.5.1The attendant shall be able to control these lighting levels from the patient compartment console.  The dual level lighting shall work together or may be separately selected from side to side.  The dual level feature shall be activated by rocker type switches located in the attendant's control panel.  

When either the curb side or rear door(s) are opened, the four (4) lights over PRIMARY PATIENT area shall be automatically activated in the low intensity mode.  The lights over the squad bench shall not light automatically to conserve power.  A fluorescent light switch shall be mounted at the rear of the patient compartment on the right side accessible from ground level, recessed into the wall.

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6.5.2In addition to the overhead lighting, a 12 volt DC fluorescent light with integral switch shall be provided in the attendant's work or "action" area.  A step-well LED light shall be provided in the curb side door entry and shall be automatically activated when either the curb side or rear patient doors are opened.

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6.6Exterior Compartment Lights:  

Lighting for exterior storage compartments shall be accomplished utilizing 2” white Whelen LED #TOCOACCR compartment,  low wattage, factory sealed, recess mounted lights, activated by standard automotive plunger and sleeve type, self-adjusting door jamb switches.

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6.6.1To provide adequate compartment illumination, one (1) additional compartment light shall be furnished whenever an adjustable shelf is provided in the compartment.

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