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Randolph County                                                                                                                     Bid 07-1001

Due Date:  Thursday, October 25, 2007, 3:00P.M.                                                         EMS Ambulances



The modular body shall be provided with two (2) door openings.  A forward hinged single door shall be located on the curb side of the body.  The door shall provide an opening of 30 inches wide x 69 inches high.  The door shall be fitted with a dual spring reciprocating hold/closure device with stainless steel push rod.   All doors shall have full length hinges.  Attendant side door shall be installed with Cleveland style door spring.

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8.7.1Rear doors shall provide an opening of not less than 54" in height and 44 ¾" inches in width.  All doors shall be attached using minimum ¼" 20 stainless steel hex bolt with stainless steel piano hinges with a pin of at least .250 inch in diameter.  The hinge must be slotted to provide field adjustments.  The corrosion prevention product known as ECK® shall be applied to the hinge and hinge mounting bolts before installation and shall have hold open cast grabber and allow maximum opening.

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8.7.2Outer face of the doors and the door edges shall be formed from one sheet of 5052-H32 alloy aluminum. The door shall be flush with the body side. The outer skin shall be .125 and shall be continuously welded to the inner door frame.  The inner door frame shall be .125 inches/.250 inches of 6063 T-6 alloy aluminum extrusion. The extrusion shall extend around the entire inner perimeter of the door skin. Where the frame corners join, each corner shall be welded to prevent pulling apart.  

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8.7.3The interior surface of the patient compartment doors (rear and curb side) shall be a bright finish, full length, tread plate.   The door panels shall be designed to allow removal without disturbing the door latching hardware.  Smooth panels shall run the full width of the doors above and below the handles and be able to accept reflective material.  Door panels must be flush fitting not overlay.  Doors using pliable materials such as plastic or upholstery are prohibited and are not acceptable due to greater risk of contamination by blood born pathogens through stitching or when cut or torn.  Reflective material must be applied to the inside center portion of attendant door and both rear doors running above and below interior handles.

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8.7.4Patient and compartment door frames shall be provided with an extruded rubber seal system consisting of a custom hollow cell bulb gasket to provide maximum seal against outside weather, dust and fumes. The gasket shall insert into a designed groove in the inner door extrusion. Glued on seals that are mounted to the compartment openings are unacceptable as they will easily be torn by loading and unloading of stored equipment.

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