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Randolph County                                                                                                                     Bid 07-1001

Due Date:  Thursday, October 25, 2007, 3:00P.M.                                                         EMS Ambulances


8.17.2Cabinet interiors shall be laminated with white, high impact, abrasion resistant laminated plastic.  Cabinet exteriors shall be laminated with color coordinated, high impact, and abrasion resistant laminated plastic.  The laminate adhesive shall be a high bond contact adhesive.

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8.18Storage Compartments and Cabinet Design:  

Storage cabinets, drawers, and kits shall be easily opened but shall not come open in transit. For rapid identification of contents, medical supply cabinets above the litter patients, shall have shatterproof, transparent or lightly tinted, sliding doors provided with low profile handles. Storage compartments shall be divided into sections, shelves shall be adjustable, drawers shall be marine style slide or tilt, and all shall be removable. Sliding doors for cabinets designed to carry lightweight items such as dressings, bandages, etc. shall automatically latch or be fitted with friction holding devices when in a closed position. Other compartments designed to carry heavier items such as first aid and drug kits, portable and spare oxygen bottles, suction units, etc. shall have positively locked latches that are bolted to the door and the door frame structure and are designed to remain closed in an accident, including rollovers. Use of sheet metal or wood screws is not acceptable. Side cabinet shelves shall be no more than 20" in depth, when located above the vehicle belt level. Storage compartments, cabinets, and support equipment area interior surfaces shall be finished in accordance with 3.10.17. To preclude injury, in the event of an accident, all cabinets shall be firmly anchored (bolted or welded) to tapping plates of the body structure (3.10.6).

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Storage for the main oxygen cylinder (see 3.12.1) shall be accessible for replacement from an outside position. The oxygen compartment shall be provided with at least a 58 sq. cm (9 sq. in.) louvered device to dissipate/vent leaking oxygen to the outside of the ambulance. Oxygen cylinder compartment shall not be utilized for storage of any other equipment. Any wiring and electrical devices within this compartment shall comply with 3.7.2. Oxygen cylinder(s) shall be mounted with stainless steel oxygen bottle retention straps as required for the crash worthiness tests of AMD Standard 003, Oxygen Tank Retention System.  The compartment will be designed with sweep out floor to facilitate loading and unloading oxygen bottles.

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