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Randolph County                                                                                                                     Bid 07-1001

Due Date:  Thursday, October 25, 2007, 3:00P.M.                                                         EMS Ambulances


8.20Location of Medical Supplies:

Location of medical supplies and equipment shall be dictated by their relative importance and shall be readily accessible to the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Priority shall be given to items necessary to cope with life threatening conditions at the scene and in transit. The equipment and supplies necessary for airway maintenance, ventilation, oxygenation, and suction shall be at the head of the primary litter (action area). When items for cardiac monitoring/ defibrillation, mechanized CPR, administration of intravenous fluids/medications, and the monitoring of blood pressure are furnished, they shall also be readily available to the EMT at the action area.

Supplies, devices, tools, etc., shall be stored in enclosed compartments and/or drawers designed to accommodate the respective items. All medical devices and equipment shall be stowed or properly fastened in/on the action area or in cabinets to prevent items from becoming projectiles in the patient compartment that can cause injury while the vehicle is in motion or involved in an accident.

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8.21Squad Bench, Seats and Backrests:  

The squad bench seat and backrests shall be seamless designed impervious to fluid penetration.

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8.21.1The squad bench shall be equipped with a locking device to secure the lid preventing accidental opening during a rollover.  The locking device shall automatically secure the lid upon closing without any additional action by the unit's personnel and shall be metal paddle latch.  The squad bench shall contain portable oxygen storage for two oxygen cylinders.  There shall be cargo netting attached at front of squad bench and step well.

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8.22 Seat Safety Belts and Anchorages:  

Seat belts and anchorages shall incorporate an automatic locking retractor on the male

side of the seat belt.

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8.23 Litter Fasteners and Anchorages:  

Cot fasteners shall be mounted utilizing tapping plates incorporated into the modular body floor.  Cot fastener shall be the Ferno-Washington model 175-4 dual position and set for a Ferno 35P Ferno flex stretcher.  

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