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PRLog - Global Press Release Distribution

London Sony Laptop Repair | Sony VAIO Laptop Repair 020 7237 6805

Source: Creative IT London Dated: May 17, 2010

London Sony laptop repair and upgrade: Call Creative IT in London at 020 7237 6805; same day professional Sony VAIO laptop repair services in the UK

LONDON, U.K. -- London Sony Laptop Repair

Creative IT, based in Central London, is one of the leading London Sony laptop repair stores in the UK with several years of experience in the scenario. At Creative IT, our aim is to provide excellent Sony laptop repair services to residential and business customers and students based all over UK. We are a nationwide full-service centre and we offer a convenient mail-in service for UK residents. So get in touch with Creative IT for your entire Sony VAIO laptop repair requirements. http://www.creativeit.tv/sony-notebook-repairs.htm

Our Sony VAIO notebook repair technicians and hardware engineers are adept to draw out the causes of the problems that affect the entire Sony VAIO series and accordingly provide effective, clear-cut Sony laptop repair solutions to fix your hardware and software problems at cost-effective rates for VPCB1, VPCCW, VPCEA, VPCEB, VPCEC, VPCF1, VPCL1, VPCM1, VPCS1, VPCW, VPCW1, VPCW2, VPCX1, VPCY1, VPCZ1, VGX-TP, VGX-XL, VGN-A, VGN-AR, VGN-AW, VGN-B, VGN-BX, VGN-BZ, VGN-C, VGN-CR, VGN-CS, VGN-FE, VGN-FJ, VGN-FS, VGN-FW, VGN-FZ, VGN-G, VGN-N, VGN-NR, VGN-NS, VGN-NW, VGN-P, VGN-S, VGN-SR, VGN-SZ, VGN-T, VGN-TT, VGN-TX, VGN-TZ, VGN-UX, VGN-X505, VGN-Z, VGF-AP, VGF-HS, VGC-JS, VGC-LA, VGC-LM, VGC-LN, VGC-LT, VGC-LV, VGC-M, VGC-RA, VGC-RC, VGC-RM, VGC-RT, VGC-V and VGC-VA models. http://www.creativeit.tv/notebook-repairs.htm

Same Day London Sony Notebook Repair and Upgrade:

We can professionally troubleshoot and repair all Sony notebook models with video and display issues such as duplicate images, random characters on the screen, distorted video, no video on the screen, scrambled video, vertical and horizontal lines on the screen, flickering action, intermittent booting and white lines running across screens. Some of the specialist services that we offer as part of our London Sony laptop repair, replacement and upgrade services include:

  • *

    Sony laptop keyboard repair and replacement

    • *

      Sony optical drive upgrade and replacement

    • *

      Sony laptop backlight repair and replacement

    • *

      Sony laptop LCD screen replacement

    • *

      Sony laptop screen cable replacement

    • *

      Sony laptop inverter replacement

    • *

      Sony laptop hard drive upgrade / replacement

    • *

      Sony laptop memory (RAM) upgrade / replacement

    • *

      Sony laptop motherboard repair and replacement

    • *

      Sony laptop data recovery and data transfer

    • *

      Sony laptop power supply repair and replacement

    • *

      Sony laptop graphics card repair and upgrade

    • *

      Removal of virus / adware / spyware

    • *

      Sony laptop liquid damage repair (water, coffee, juice, tea, milk, wine)

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