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Summary of Foundations’ Support to the Elderly

Senior Consulting (“SC”) has conducted many related research projects in 2006, summarized in the Report “Senior Housing and Long Term Care, Shortfalls for Low-Income Americans.” SC researched owner/operators of five or more properties of primarily a) Skilled Nursing Facilities (“SNF”), 2) Assisted Living Facilities (“ALF”) and 3) Senior Housing options including affordable senior housing (“SH”). Of 334 SNF and ALF operators, only 18 were nonprofit while 154 of 223 SH operators were nonprofit.

One conclusion from the Report was that nonprofit providers provide better quality care overall in a long term care setting, but with few nonprofit operators, there is limited opportunity without greater support within specific communities and operators. A not surprising second conclusion was that nonprofit and church organizations in particular were the majority of sponsors and operators of affordable and low-income senior housing. Nonetheless, by some estimates, the country needs millions of low-income senior housing units for seniors alone. Lastly, while for profit providers rarely “partner” as providers, collaboration in the nonprofit sector is commonplace between multiple providers for the common good. Therefore, as part of this research, SC conducted two separate analyses of charitable giving and collaborative support to senior related charities, an analysis of the 100 largest Community Foundations (“CFs”) and the 50 largest Private Foundations (“PFs”) based on assets, as well as over 30 smaller foundations that have charitable purposes in support of elderly initiatives.

As of 12/31/03 and research of the Foundation Center, there were 699 CFs nationwide organized to provide charitable giving for defined regions. CFs have been experiencing outstanding growth in assets for many years in the form of funds from private donors they control under specific or general guidelines, as well as proportionate growth in charitable giving. They fund many needs in their communities, making it difficult to assist many issues including limited support for our burgeoning elderly population, yet ironically seniors make up a disproportionately larger share of CF donors. Findings from our CF research include the following:

  • In reviewing the 100 CF Web sites, 85% listed at least a summary of programs, focus areas or initiatives and a list of grants within the last year to draw the conclusions.

  • Only five of 100 CF, or 5%, had a substantial commitment to the Elderly that included a program or initiative dedicated to the elderly. Only four made substantial commitments to senior affordable housing, with 20% making commitments to affordable housing in general.

SC advised senior executives of these CF of these findings, and others in general, as well as of specific findings as to how their CF fared in its commitments to seniors. Approximately 20% responded, with half expressing an interest and concern for expanding senior initiatives. We find

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