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spotted Lewis’ U-Haul truck near the intersection of Routes 21 and 22 in Lincolnshire. According

to Officer Balinski’s discovery deposition testimony, Lewis accelerated the U-Haul truck once he

saw Officer Balinski’s police vehicle. Of icer Balinski then activated the emergency lights of his

police vehicle and “sped up to approximately 80 miles per hour” in order to begin pursuing the

suspects. At that time, Officer Andrew Markoya (Officer Markoya), another Lincolnshire police

officer, joined in the pursuit in a separate police vehicle. The emergencylights in Officer Markoya’s

police vehicle were also activated. As Officers Balinski and Markoya continued the police car chase

by traveling southbound on Route 21, Lewis drove the U-Haul truck into the center median of Route

21 and ran through several red lights at various intersections. Officer Balinkski observed that as the

police car chase progressed, Lewis increased his driving speed and his driving became more erratic

and reckless. Lewis then exited onto Lake Cook Road and began traveling westbound. Officers

Balinski and Markoya continued to follow him closely. Subsequently, Officer Markoya “vocally

terminated the [police car] chase over ISPERN” near the intersection of Lake Cook Road and

Lexington Road, and both officers stopped pursuing the U-Haul truck. According to Officer

Balinksi’s deposition testimony, he agreed with Officer Markoya’s decision to terminate the police

car chase because “[o]ur attempt to stop the vehicle at that point was unreasonable. There was traffic

on the road at that point. The vehicle was – it just became too dangerous.” He testified that the

entirety of the police car chase by he and Officer Markoya lasted approximately “four to five

minutes” for a distance of approximately “three to four miles.”

During the police pursuits, Freeman made several emergencytelephone calls from inside the

U-Haul truck to alert the police of the whereabouts of the U-Haul truck. She informed the police that


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