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“[t]hey wouldn’t let [her] out of the car.” According to Freeman’s deposition testimony, “as the

police were chasing [Lewis] faster and faster, [Lewis] was going faster and faster and violating more

rules of the road.”

Following Officers Balinski’s and Markoya’s termination of their pursuit of the U-Haul

truck, Lewis drove through Buffalo Grove. Susbsequently, Corporal Tara Romanow (Corporal

Romanow) and Officer Keith Bourbonnais (Officer Bourbonnais) of the Buffalo Grove police

department observed the U-Haul truck traveling at “an extremely high rate of speed” of over 60

miles per hour toward their police vehicles near the intersection of Vintage Lane and Old Checker

Road in Buffalo Grove. Corporal Romanow and Officer Bourbonnais maneuvered their police

vehicles out of the direct path of the speeding U-Haul truck, after which they activated the

emergency lights and sirens of their police vehicles and began pursuing Lewis. Once they began

pursuit of the U-Haul truck, Corporal Romanow noticed that Lewis accelerated to a speed of over

60 miles per hour and ran a red light at the intersection of Buffalo Grove and Lake Cook Roads.

According to Freeman’s deposition testimony, the U-Haul truck, while being pursued by

Corporal Romanow and Officer Bourbonnais, continued to travel through several red lights at

approximately 70 to 75 miles per hour before colliding with a white car driven by Cellini at the

intersection of Schoenbeck and Dundee Roads in the Village of Wheeling (Wheeling). Thecollision

injured Cellini and one of his passengers, Brandon Forshall, and killed Corey Diamond, a second

passenger in Cellini’s vehicle.

Lewis was arrested, charged and convicted in a criminal proceeding of first-degree murder;

unlawful possession of a stolen vehicle, aggravated battery, and unlawful restraint. He was


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