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SOUTH ASIA PREMIERE BEAUTY MARK, Diane Israel, Kathleen Man & Carla Precht, USA, 75’

This courageous film examines popular culture's toxic emphasis on weight and looks through the eyes of Boulder-based psychotherapist and former world-class triathlete Diane Israel – who tells her own story while interviewing other champion athletes, body builders, fashion models and inner-city teens about their experiences relating to self-image.

¾ ¾ ¾

Finalist, Moondance International Film Festival Official Selection, Boulder International Film Festival Official Selection, Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival

OVER THE HILL, Sunny Bergman, Netherlands, 60’, INPUT

A unique look at the fashion and cosmetics industries and their uncanny powers of persuasion. Rather than making women feel better about themselves, they actually make them feel worse. Women are vulnerable to a seductive and corrupting business as they struggle to achieve a beauty ideal that doesn’t exist. Over the Hill is a powerful analysis of an age in which imperative forces of the market economy increasingly worm their way into our bodies and psyche.

¾ ¾ ¾

Award of the Mecklenburgische Versicherungsgruppe 2007 Findling Award, State Association of Film Communication NIPKOW Award, Japan

NAKED ON THE INSIDE, Kim Farrant, Australia, 55’, INPUT

Five extraordinary people from around the world reveal their bodies and share their secrets in a unique documentary that explores our obsession with body and self-image. In Taiwan, a female Sunday school teacher lives a covert life as a man. In Queensland, Australia, a mother of two fights the breast cancer she feels she unconsciously created by hiding an affair from her husband. In San Francisco, a supermodel obsesses to achieve bodily perfection, while a 350- pound fat activist comes out big loud and proud. And in the UK, a critically acclaimed dancer with no legs falls head over heels in love for the very first time. It’s ultimately a mediation on the soul. Bold humorous, heartfelt and quite unlike anything you’ve seen before.

¾ ¾ ¾

Zurich Film Festival Sydney Film Festival Wisconsin Film Festival



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