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Programme Delivery Model

Broadband Delivery Programme


Delivery Principles

    • 4.1


      • 4.1.1

        This section summarises the delivery principles that underpin the Programme Delivery Model, and gives an indication of some of the activities that the Broadband Delivery Programme will undertake that will promote these. The principles are intended to ensure value for money and deliverability within the context of government policies and set out under the headings of:

        • Facilitating local delivery:

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            Principle 1: Let local bodies lead on delivery;

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              Principle 2: Encourage a strategic approach to local delivery; and

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              Principle 3: Promote the involvement of local communities.

        • Investing in economic infrastructure to maximise growth opportunities:

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              Principle 4: Maximise the impact on investment of available BDUK funding;

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              Principle 5: Mitigate the blockers to private sector investment in broadband infrastructure;

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              Principle 6: Maximise the deployment of, or upgradability to Superfast Broadband, where it is economic to do so;

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              Principle 7: Ensure no communities are left without potential access to broadband services;

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              Principle 8: Enable market driven solutions as far as possible; and

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              Principle 9: Facilitate the re-use of enterprise network infrastructure in which the public sector is investing.

        • Maintaining an effective commercial approach:

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              Principle 10: Enable local solutions but guide and assist local initiatives as appropriate;

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              Principle 11: Maximise competition where appropriate;

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              Principle 12: Minimise aggregate transaction and delivery costs for the public and private sectors;

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              Principle 13: Achieve appropriate and affordable outcomes; and

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              Principle 14: Maintain compliance with regulations.

    • 4.2

      Facilitating local delivery

      • 4.2.1

        Principle 1: Let local bodies lead on delivery:

        • Develop and manage a national programme approach within which local bodies can develop local approaches and take responsibility for ensuring the delivery of broadband services;

        • Let Devolved Administrations in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales manage the co- ordination of local bodies in their areas in accordance with individual strategies for the development of broadband infrastructure in their nations; 8

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