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Programme Delivery Model

Broadband Delivery Programme

    • Develop and encourage activities, including demand registration and stimulation, which will increase the commercial viability of private sector investment in local areas.

      • 4.3.2

        Principle 5: Mitigate the blockers to private sector investment in broadband infrastructure:

        • Make the case for private sector investment easier by facilitating the deployment of new overhead infrastructure, the ease of agreeing wayleaves and the use of other utility infrastructure; and

        • Work with Ofcom to ensure that there is a competitive market place to stimulate private sector investment.

      • 4.3.3

        Principle 6: Maximise the deployment of, or upgradability to Superfast Broadband, where it is economic to do so:

        • Provide guidance and assistance to local bodies to maximise the outcomes that can be achieved from investment, within affordability constraints; and

        • Provide guidance (e.g. standard requirements documentation) to facilitate investment in solutions which are durable and expandable and which recognises the synergies between mobile and fixed services (e.g. with shared backhaul and the offloading of mobile broadband data to the fixed network).

      • 4.3.4

        Principle 7: Ensure no communities are left without potential access to broadband services:

        • Ensure that project proposals include the maximum number of „points of presence‟ possible across a local area within economic constraints;

        • Ensure that all possible technology solutions are explored to ensure that all communities have at least one potential solution; and

        • Facilitate the sourcing of provision of broadband services to communities where direct investment in local infrastructure may be uneconomic.

      • 4.3.5

        Principle 8: Enable market driven solutions as far as possible:

        • Develop high level requirements which are technology agnostic such that the market should decide the best solution but within design constraints / standards for BDUK to achieve objectives related to the commercial sustainability and the future of the market place;

        • Specify the high level requirements to encourage industry partnerships, making clear no one supplier is likely to meet all requirements;

        • Make clear the role of mobile broadband coverage; and

        • Provide advice on the procurement process for broadband projects to ensure that all potential technology solutions can be considered.

      • 4.3.6

        Principle 9: Facilitate the re-use of network infrastructure in which the public sector is investing:

        • Work with the Cabinet Office Public Sector Network (PSN) Programme to encourage the re-use and re-usability of public sector networks which form part of the PSN;

        • Ensure that best practice advice and guidance is disseminated from previous and current local body contracts for PSN and other wide area network projects; and

        • Ensure appropriate linkages are made with other public sector investments (e.g. Grid for Learning and JANET) on a national and regional basis.

      • 4.4

        Maintaining an effective commercial approach

      • 4.4.1

        Principle 10: Enable local solutions but guide and assist local initiatives as appropriate: 10

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