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Programme Delivery Model

Broadband Delivery Programme


Measuring Success

    • 5.1


      • 5.1.1

        This section identifies the critical success factors for delivery and looks at how success of the Broadband Delivery Programme will be assessed. It sets out:

        • Critical success factors for delivery by the Programme and for delivery by local projects;

        • A description of the Best in Europe scorecard that BDUK is developing; and

        • Additional methods of measuring success.

    • 5.2

      Critical success factors

      • 5.2.1

        The critical success factors for the Broadband Delivery Programme are:

        • Local and regional leaders are vocal, committed and actively supportive of the policy and local / regional broadband projects;

        • Local bodies are willing to prioritise the development of projects and to resource project teams;

        • Local bodies are willing and able to work together to increase the scale of projects where this would be more efficient, without resulting in slower development and procurement times;

        • Local communities are able to usefully channel their interest and enthusiasm into activities which add to and enhance the outputs of local bodies in terms of achieving the delivery of broadband services;

        • BDUK investment funding is added to by funding from EU structural funds and other sources, particularly local bodies;

        • Suppliers and service providers are willing to participate in local projects, such that a competitive marketplace is ensured which provides demonstrable value for money and which has the capability to meet the flow of local broadband projects;

        • Demand registration and stimulation measures increase the commercial viability of private sector investment;

        • Solutions delivered are commercially sustainable over time;

        • Solutions delivered provide for open access, offer a competitive range of services for end users, and, as appropriate, offer a clear upgrade path; and

        • Residential consumers and businesses whose demand for broadband services are addressed by this Programme are satisfied that their basic needs for broadband access have been delivered.

    • 5.3

      A Best in Europe superfast broadband network

      • 5.3.1

        A Digital Agenda for Europe3 sets out the enabling role that information and communications technologies (ICT) will have as one element of the European Commission‟s Europe 2020 Strategy. This includes two targets for Europe:

3 A Digital Agenda for Europe, European Commission, COM(2010)245: http://eur- lex.europa.eu/LexUriServ/LexUriServ.do?uri=COM:2010:0245:FIN:EN:PDF


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