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Programme Delivery Model

Broadband Delivery Programme


Project selection

      • 7.3.1

        The selection of a project by BDUK means confirmation of a project‟s eligibility to receive funding from the Broadband Delivery Programme. The core part of a proposal by a local body will be a completed Local Broadband Plan, which is described further in section 8.3. As this is an important gate for local bodies to proceed through, BDUK will require that Local Broadband Plans are well developed. Also, that they include an appropriate assessment of the full needs of and benefits to the local area through meeting the Broadband Delivery Programme‟s objectives for broadband coverage.

      • 7.3.2

        The project selection process is outlined in figure 7.1 below.

Figure 7.1: Project selection process

      • 7.3.3

        BDUK expects that for project selection the following will be required:

        • A sufficient level of depth of development of a Local Broadband Plan, including confirmation of the scope of the Plan;

        • The Local Broadband Plan should include an indication of the level, timing and phasing of the funding that may be required for delivery of the full Plan;

        • As part of the Local Broadband Plan the local body should have completed an outline business case (OBC) for the (or for a) project for which a firm funding contribution is being sought from BDUK, with a clear statement of what is required and the basis on which it has been estimated;

        • Sign off by the local body‟s (or bodies‟) governing group(s) or responsible executive in terms of assured commitment to the Plan, including approval of the outline budget for the project team and identification of key resources; and

        • Demonstration of stakeholder engagement and risk assessment.

      • 7.3.4

        In selecting a proposal, BDUK will also assess the „deliverability‟ of a project – i.e. that the local body has the basis for a project team that will be able to deliver, and that key issues around the Local Broadband Plan and individual project have been addressed or are capable of being addressed.

      • 7.3.5

        Project selection will also be dependent upon the availability of BDUK funding. In terms of the funding requirements for a local broadband project, a proposal should include:

        • An estimate of what funding will be required for the Local Broadband Plan to deliver full broadband coverage that meets the government‟s objectives for the Broadband Delivery Programme, together with a statement of any assumptions that underpin this;

        • Details of the sources expected for the provision of public funding, and


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