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Programme Delivery Model

Broadband Delivery Programme

    • Where a Plan is being delivered through a number of phases, a statement of the firm amount of funding that is being requested for the initial investment. This should include details of other funding sources (e.g. from EU structural funds and other local sources

      • i.

        e. that demonstrate the level of commitment and importance local bodies attach to the project).

        • 7.3.6

          Where a proposal for a project is selected, BDUK will expect to agree the amount of funding that will be expected to be made available for the local body to commit to in a contract with a supplier. The amount may be refined as the project is developed, and a final amount will be formally committed to by BDUK when bids from suppliers are developed in order for the local body to complete a full business case (FBC) and to proceed to contract award. BDUK will sign a Funding Agreement with the local body that will confirm the funding for the project, its timing, and the conditions on which it is being made available.

        • 7.3.7

          For funding of the remaining elements within a Local Broadband Plan, BDUK expects to agree an overall amount in principle. Availability of this future funding will be subject to it being made available within specified timescales, the local body demonstrating that future commitments will provide value for money, and that the funding is used as specified in the Local Broadband Plan. Where variations from the Local Broadband Plan are needed then agreement from BDUK will be required. It may be that the level of funding that BDUK can commit to for future phases is less than the total required. This will be determined by the affordability of Local Broadband Plans as BDUK tries to balance funding across different areas. Future funding commitments will also be subject to the availability of BDUK funding being constrained due to changes in the priorities of the Broadband Delivery Programme as determined by Ministers.

        • 7.3.8

          BDUK will be seeking to approve Local Broadband Plans in their entirety, so that local bodies do not need to re-bid a Local Broadband Plan for each phase or project. However, BDUK will expect to undertake some assurance activities before each release of funds and the beginning of subsequent phases or projects.

    • 7.4

      Working with local bodies

      • 7.4.1

        Local bodies are expected to provide and fund their own project teams for the development, procurement and delivery of broadband projects. BDUK will provide a range of support, tailored to the needs of individual projects. This includes:

        • Access to BDUK‟s online Local Authority Resource Centre, which is detailed further below. This includes access to guidance and template documentation, examples of project information on other projects, and a means of sharing questions and knowledge with other project teams;

  • Access to the BDUK programme team including the ability to answer commercial, procurement and technical issues;

  • Participation in project governance (this may include a non-executive role on the project board);

  • (For some projects) support at a senior level in terms of a „critical friend‟ for projects;

  • Use of BDUK as an issue resolution/escalation point for issues that require a national resolution;

  • Assurance of agreed documents or positions;

  • Approval for certain documents or positions; and

  • A single point of contact for project teams to co-ordinate interaction with BDUK.


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