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Programme Delivery Model

Broadband Delivery Programme


BDUK local body agreements

      • 7.5.1

        Once a project has been selected, BDUK will expect to enter into the following formal agreements with the English local body (or lead local body if a project is jointly led).

        • Shortly after project selection, a memorandum of understanding will be agreed. This is intended to be a general statement of commitment at a senior level by both parties of the intention to develop and procure/source the local broadband project (or at least an initial phase, if applicable);

        • As the project progresses, further detail can be added at a working level which is supplementary to the memorandum of understanding in terms of more specific responsibilities of both parties, and the timetable for achieving delivery of broadband services. This will include confirmation of the funding envelope for the provision of BDUK funding; and

        • At Full Business Case (FBC) stage of a project by a local body, BDUK will issue a Funding Agreement Letter which will set out the final agreed amount that BDUK will fund and the terms of the funding. This is discussed further in section 14.4. Details of the general funding terms that are expected to apply will be available in the Broadband Project Toolkit so that any relevant terms can be addressed in procurement documentation during a procurement process. A draft Funding Agreement Letter should be sought prior to the selection of preferred bidder in any procurement process, and before dialogue is closed where a local body is using the competitive dialogue procedure in a procurement.

    • 7.6

      Local Authority Resource Centre

      • 7.6.1

        BDUK online support for local bodies will be delivered through the „Local Authority Resource Centre‟ which is managed by BDUK. This is a web based electronic resource currently based on the commercial „Huddle‟ platform that will provide a wide range of guidance, information, and networking support for Local Authorities. It also includes a facility to encourage networking between Local Authorities to explore issues, identify solutions and share best practice. Huddle should be accessible from a standard web browser. Local bodies will be able to request password based access from BDUK.

      • 7.6.2

        Key areas within the Local Authority Resource Centre include:

        • Dedicated areas for each local body to upload and share documentation and information, and provide contact details for projects. This can include projects which are selected by BDUK, planned projects, or any other relevant projects or initiatives;

        • Access to guidance and standard documentation and templates developed (or approved) by BDUK (see the Broadband Project Toolkit below);

        • Areas to share broadband examples of best practice;

        • Updates from BDUK on the Broadband Delivery Programme; and

        • Links to useful information.

    • 7.7

      Sharing information and experiences

      • 7.7.1

        In addition to the Local Authority Resource Centre, BDUK will work with local bodies to ensure that understanding and lessons learned can be shared, and to provide details of how specific issues are being addressed. This will include events to which local bodies will be invited, which will be held in a variety of locations around the country. Some will be


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