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Programme Delivery Model

Broadband Delivery Programme

aimed at larger audiences, and some at smaller groups. They could take the form of briefing sessions or workshops.


In addition local bodies are encouraged to talk directly to each other to share information and experiences, using contact details that should be provided in the Local Authority Resource Centre.

    • 7.8

      Broadband Project Toolkit

      • 7.8.1

        To support local bodies undertaking broadband projects, BDUK is developing a toolkit (guidance, standard documentation and templates) that will provide material from the development of a Local Broadband Plan, through to the procurement or sourcing phase and up to monitoring of the delivery phase. The toolkit will be available through the Local Authority Resource Centre for local bodies to access. Where relevant, copies of material will also be made available for general access on BDUK‟s webpage.

      • 7.8.2

        The aim of the toolkit is to provide material so that local bodies can understand what it is they should be developing, and to provide standard documentation and templates so local bodies can minimise the effort required to progress projects. In addition, the use of standard documentation should facilitate the participation of suppliers and service providers during a procurement phase by ensuring consistency of approach on projects. There are some elements of material that BDUK will regard as mandatory to use, i.e. where local bodies are advised to seek approval from BDUK to change any provisions. It is intended that these will be limited in nature, and are likely to relate to constraints such as in relation to funding and State Aid approval. Although it is intended that the standard documentation will provide flexibility to cope with different approaches and issues, local bodies will be advised to minimise any other changes they make to standard documentation.

      • 7.8.3

        The contents of the toolkit will be built up over time using content newly developed by BDUK, adaptations of existing material to make them suitable for re-use, and materials that are developed by BDUK working with Pilot projects and other early projects.

      • 7.8.4

        The toolkit will contain the following sets of material:

        • Guidance on developing a Local Broadband Plan;

        • Guidance on market engagement;

        • Guidance to assist in the development of projects, including developing a business case;

        • Standard procurement documentation and templates;

        • Guidance on demand stimulation and details of how to access a tool for demand registration;

        • Guidance on modelling needs (e.g. information and mapping of broadband not-spots, local public infrastructure and geo mapping);

        • Guidance on accessing information from BT Openreach which may be needed for due diligence by bidders during a procurement process;

        • Guidance on commercial models;

        • Guidance on technology issues;

        • Guidance on community engagement; and

        • Advice and templates for State Aid applications.


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