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Programme Delivery Model

Broadband Delivery Programme


Local Delivery Approach

    • 8.1


      • 8.1.1

        This section describes the activities that local bodies will undertake and what is required from them for the development of local broadband projects.

    • 8.2

      Activities for local bodies - overview

      • 8.2.1

        In line with the government‟s agenda on localism, local bodies are encouraged to lead the development, sourcing and delivery of broadband projects in their areas. BDUK will work with local bodies to provide support, advice, and, as appropriate, a contribution to funding to ensure that delivery projects are developed and successfully completed. The key areas of activity that local bodies are expected to undertake are set out in the paragraphs below.

      • 8.2.2

        Development and procurement. Local bodies will be responsible for developing the overall broadband plans for their areas where government intervention is necessary, applying for funding from BDUK if required, and undertaking a procurement (or other sourcing activity) to select a private sector partner to deliver broadband services. Activities here include:

        • Developing a Local Broadband Plan;

        • Engaging with local communities and business to encourage and harness interest in participation in broadband projects;

        • Developing, or facilitating the development of, broadband projects pursuant to the Local Broadband Plan;

        • Project management;

        • Providing and resourcing a project team;

        • Sourcing (including conducting a procurement as required for a private sector provider) for broadband services within a project; and

        • Ensuring that projects are developed within State Aid rules.

      • 8.2.3

        Communities and demand stimulation. Local bodies should engage with local communities to identify local needs and to make use of local help and enthusiasm where practical. This is discussed further in section 10. In addition, helping to stimulate demand before bidders are engaged can increase the commercial attractiveness of a project. This is discussed further in section 9.

      • 8.2.4

        Re-use of public sector enterprise networks. Local bodies should identify where it is possible to leverage on the value of existing planned investments in infrastructure or services which provide enterprise networks for public sector use. This is discussed further in section 12.9.

      • 8.2.5

        Implementation support and delivery assistance. Local bodies will be responsible for contract management of the delivery of services. This should include monitoring and evaluating the process and outcomes of the project, and sharing information and experiences with BDUK and with other local bodies for future projects.

      • 8.2.6

        Funding management. Local bodies will be responsible for identifying, securing and managing funding to support the delivery of services. Activities here include:

        • Bidding for BDUK funding (by English local bodies) and identifying other sources of funding (including EU structural funds and funds from local sources); and 27

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