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Programme Delivery Model

Broadband Delivery Programme

      • 9.3.5

        BDUK also expects potential suppliers to detail in their bids for local broadband projects any plans to support demand stimulation activities or how they intend to run demand stimulation programmes of their own. In Cornwall for example, the supplier and the local authority are jointly funding demand stimulation initiatives with the continuation of rollout of the network beyond a minimum threshold being dependent on take-up. While this model will not be appropriate in all circumstances, it does show one way to link demand stimulation efforts to overall outcomes.

    • 9.4

      Demand registration

      • 9.4.1

        A clear understanding of the demand for Standard and Superfast Broadband in an area will be important in ensuring that demand stimulation activities are properly targeted. It will also provide information that local bodies can use with bidding suppliers to assess and, if appropriate, challenge their assumptions on take up.

      • 9.4.2

        BDUK is exploring the use of a „white label‟ demand registration tool for local bodies to „brand‟ to their projects and promote within their communities. BDUK are investigating reusing and developing existing tools rather than creating one from scratch. We expect this tool to be available later in 2011.

      • 9.4.3

        The tool will include demand registration questions for both businesses and consumers. It is expected that local bodies will promote the use of the tool, or any readily available equivalents, amongst citizens and businesses in their area and mention this in their local broadband plan.

      • 9.4.4

        Local bodies should recognise that demand registration in itself may be insufficient for bidders to have confidence in increased revenue projects. Collecting a stronger statement of intent or even commitments to buy services will have greater impact.


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