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Programme Delivery Model

Broadband Delivery Programme

together to loan money to a private sector company at commercial rates to provide VDSL to the village;

    • Structure: The community may come together to create a formal structure for the project to be undertaken through. This may include creating a community interest company through which the access network is owned and managed;

    • Infrastructure work: Some members of the community may choose to become directly involved in the infrastructure work. This could be as simple as digging trenches in your land to cut the cost of laying fibre to your home (as has happened in Ashby De La Laund), or it could be as complex as being involved in the installation and maintenance of the networking kit; and

    • Facilitation and contributions in kind: Community members could offer, or persuade others to offer support, for example in the form of rent free access to sites or to speed up and/or reduce the cost of wayleave permissions.

      • 10.4.4

        In some areas, there are already communities who have started their own projects to upgrade the local broadband infrastructure. In some cases these communities are bidding for European funding (e.g. Ewhurst & Surrey Hills), in others they are finding other sources of funding, including from within themselves (e.g. Lyddington).

      • 10.4.5

        In March 2011, Defra announced that, with support from BDUK, it was creating a Rural Community Broadband Fund. This will comprise up to £20m in total, including funding from the Rural Development Programme for England and BDUK. This will be available for communities to bid into specifically to assist with the capital cost of developing small scale broadband projects, for example, such as an access network that utilises a Community Broadband Hub or other point of presence. Further details will be published in 2011, including information on what types of projects will be covered and where to submit bids to. This fund is applicable to England only and rural communities in the Devolved Administrations will have to adhere to individual national strategies.

      • 10.5

        Community Broadband Hubs

      • 10.5.1

        The contracts for broadband services let by local bodies with suppliers are expected to provide for the capabilities in outcome terms (or equivalent) that suppliers of broadband solutions are required to deliver for service providers to deliver broadband services to end users (i.e. customers). This will include the provision of Community Broadband Hubs by suppliers where there is sufficient demand for them, subject to their viability being demonstrated in early projects.

      • 10.5.2

        A Community Broadband Hub is an infrastructure point from which wholesale connectivity services can be extended by the community or their agents.

      • 10.5.3

        The Community Broadband Hub may take a number of physical or logical forms. BDUK are currently working with community groups in Cumbria, and examples of a definition of a Community Broadband Hub which can be varied and upgraded to meet the changing needs of a community will be made available in due course.

      • 10.5.4

        Connectivity from the Community Broadband Hub can then be extended over time to homes and businesses in a variety of ways. For example, an operator‟s cabinet can be equipped to support the splicing of fibre builds into the access network, where a community have decided to dig the fibre themselves. Interfaces could also be made available such that wireless networks or indeed community managed femtocells can be added to the network.

      • 10.5.5

        Wholesale connectivity should be available at a Community Broadband Hub at an affordable price within a community where communities or other private and public sector bodies could then take responsibility for extending the network capability further to individual homes. In one sense a Community Broadband Hub is essentially a point of 36

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