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Programme Delivery Model

Broadband Delivery Programme

presence, where backhaul can be bought at typical market rates, rather than rates that relate to the distance of the hub from a point of handover (e.g. a suitably enabled BT exchange).

      • 10.5.6

        BDUK are exploring the demand for and viability of options for community groups to assist in the delivery of broadband services using Community Broadband Hubs which would permit differing levels of direct community involvement. These include:

        • Community access point: This is where a supplier under a local broadband project will be required to support an existing community access point. There should be an affordable target annual rental price, plus monthly bandwidth charges. BDUK are not proposing to specify any additional retail service provider services, but suppliers will be free to propose additional services;

        • Community build and benefit from community network extension: This is where a community does not wish to build or maintain their own network. However, they are willing to organise and pay for teams to conduct the civil works needed to lay duct, arrange wayleaves, and organise the necessary permissions from the local authority. This will typically be in areas where the community wants a fibre service, but where it is too costly for private or public sector investment. Private sector suppliers are expected to supply materials for free and to provide details of standards for civil works undertaken. The supplier would then take over and maintain the completed civil works and then lay the fibre and perform all necessary connections. The processes to support this option will be developed from the supplier products which support network build on major commercial sites. Demand for this option is uncertain; and

        • Community design and build: This is where a community wishes to take an additional step and orchestrate the construction of their own network. Delivery would be with a Parish Council supported entity. The entity would need to get a formal vote of confidence and backing from the communities to be served and the Parish Council would be expected to bear the consequential risk. It is expected that communities and suppliers would be expected to contribute to the investment required. Demand for this option is unproven.

      • 10.5.7

        For any option involving community groups the boundaries of the commercial arrangements and the scope of the provision of services should be clearly defined before any arrangements are entered into. This applies to where a supplier under a local broadband contract will be required to undertake activities, or take over responsibilities, as well as for any arrangements involving suppliers outside of local broadband projects. Responsibilities of community groups, individuals, local bodies and each supplier that is involved should be clearly delineated.


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