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Programme Delivery Model

Broadband Delivery Programme


Market Delivery and Solution Approaches

    • 12.1


      • 12.1.1

        This section summarises BDUK‟s approach from a market and solution perspective. It sets out that each project will:

        • Have its own residential and business community objectives and priorities, balanced with affordability, that will challenge bidders to develop solutions that maximise the proportion of Superfast Broadband;

        • Support a mix of competing access technologies;

        • Ensure wholesale services offer a platform for competing retail service provision; and

        • Base requirements on residential and business outcomes through minimum service levels and standards.

    • 12.2

      Infrastructure upgrade

      • 12.2.1

        To achieve the aims of the Broadband Delivery Programme, the primary focus of BDUK is on stimulating private sector investment in the data transport and local access elements of the UK‟s broadband communications infrastructure in areas of the country that the private sector, by itself, will not deliver. Within this focus BDUK is seeking, through the development of local broadband projects by local bodies, to provide for outcomes in terms of the availability of wholesale broadband services.

      • 12.2.2

        A description of the available technology options for the UK‟s data transport network is set out in Chapter 3 of Britain’s Superfast Broadband Future. These include:

        • Fibre based solutions;

        • Mobile wireless;

        • Fixed wireless;

        • Satellite; and

        • Others, e.g. powerline communications.

      • 12.2.3

        Next generation networking encompasses a great many future possible services, and suppliers and service providers need to be capable of delivering such capabilities. BDUK will focus on ensuring the underlying access components and backhaul will be in place to allow for these capabilities to emerge, as consumer demand grows and internet and legacy communication services converge.

      • 12.2.4

        BDUK will not be directly involved in the networking layers above the data transport layer, but will let the competitive market determine and indeed end users decide how to use the available resources.

    • 12.3


      • 12.3.1

        Contracts let by the public sector with suppliers will provide the basis for public funding to contribute to the investment in broadband services by the private sector. It is envisaged that contracts will largely be let on the basis of a set of high level requirements which are outcome based. Depending on the commercial model (see section 13.3), in some cases a different form of specifications may be used.


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