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Programme Delivery Model

Broadband Delivery Programme

complete. Local bodies should consider this when assessing which commercial model is most appropriate for them.


It is assumed that the consumer and business retail experience will be very similar to those individuals in the UK who are already enjoying Superfast Broadband. It is expected that investment will be made through suppliers in „off-the-shelf‟ technologies and „business as usual‟ processes. The figure below shoes the operating model for the investment gap funding model (as described in section 13):

Figure 12.2: Operating model

      • 12.6.3

        It is anticipated that government intervention will have a number of effects on the operating model:

        • State Aid demands „open access‟, the most obvious being wholesale products necessary to maximise retail competition, not dissimilar to most of the existing market; and

    • There will be additional reporting and assurance/compliance activity for suppliers, albeit intended to create only a very limited overhead. The local body must assure itself of success in terms of those taking up services and their experiences. This may invoke a contractual remedy or „claw-back‟ of public subsidy

    • Supplier solutions must be consistent with the goal of achieving the best in Europe Superfast Broadband network. This will need the key emergent operating properties for busy hour working to be transparent and best in Europe.

      • 12.6.4

        The principle of achieving „commercial sustainability‟ assumes that consumer revenues and take-up are such that ongoing operational costs across a project area can maintain the environment. This suggests that one of the key risks to the target operating model is the level of customer take-up in the early years.

      • 12.6.5

        From the customer‟s perspective the operation of services and user experience should be the same as elsewhere in the UK. It is anticipated that consumers will chose their broadband service from a retailer who will operate this via the wholesale network operator.


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