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Programme Delivery Model

Broadband Delivery Programme



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        The UK Government‟s objective of stimulating private sector investment to deliver the best Superfast Broadband network in Europe together with increased coverage across the UK by 2015 is one of its top priorities. It has allocated £530m within the life time of the current parliament to achieve it, with the potential for an additional £300m up to 2017. These funds are intended to be used for stimulating investment in broadband rollout in those areas where commercial investment alone will not deliver it. The Government will invest in the telecommunications sector to bring forward network infrastructure upgrades and to improve the accessibility of services in locations where it would not otherwise happen because of the weak commercial investment case. This tends to be in rural and harder to reach areas, and where broadband infrastructure can make a vital contribution to the growth agenda.

      • 2.1.2

        Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) is part of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and is the delivery vehicle for the government‟s policies relating to stimulating private sector investment using the available funding. BDUK, together with the broadband policy team in DCMS, are responsible for the Broadband Delivery Programme.

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        Further detail of the Government‟s overall approach to broadband infrastructure is set out in Britain’s Superfast Broadband Future1.

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        The primary purpose of this document is to provide a high level description of the delivery arrangements under which BDUK will carry out its activities to achieve its objectives as part of the Broadband Delivery Programme. This document is intended to enable stakeholders to understand and, as appropriate, agree with BDUK‟s approach.

      • 2.2.2

        It is expected that the Programme Delivery Model will evolve over time to take on board lessons learned from the Superfast Broadband Pilots, other local broadband projects, and developments in the market place for broadband suppliers (of wholesale services) and service providers (of retail services).

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        This document, the Programme Delivery Model:

        • Provides an overview of BDUK‟s approach to delivery;

        • Sets out the principles that BDUK will apply during its delivery approach; and

        • Describes the different areas of activity that BDUK will undertake, and those areas which other parties will also need to fulfil in the delivery of the Broadband Delivery Programme‟s objectives.

      • 2.3.2

        It should be noted that by „delivery‟ it is intended to mean what BDUK will do to facilitate and encourage actions by local bodies, communities, customers and suppliers. BDUK itself is not responsible for the actual delivery of broadband connections and services.


Britain‟s Superfast Broadband Future, Department for Business Innovation & Skills and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, December 2010


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