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Programme Delivery Model

Broadband Delivery Programme


Future 5 years time

Future time



Customer (end user) experience

12% of premises unable to get a connection of 2Mbps

Virtually all communities able to have access to a quality home working experience (i.e. to get at least 2Mbps with the majority able to access more

Everyone able to access 30Mbps capabilities. 50% to access 100Mbps capability

Supplier market

Competitive broadband service provision in the existing market

Competitive broadband service provision, as far as reasonably possible, as the market for Superfast Broadband expands

Maintain a world class competitive and flexible market place capable of delivering future technologies


Good network coverage but supplier plans for commercial provision of Superfast Broadband limited to two thirds of the market

UK has broad national coverage with the best Superfast Broadband network in Europe

UK continues to have the best Superfast Broadband network in Europe

Mobile broadband

Coverage limited outside large settlements. Spectrum not routinely traded / shared

Coverage outside large settlements improving. Spectrum trading and sharing increasing

Majority of UK land area covered. Spectrum reuse and sharing now routine

    • 3.3

      Programme objectives

      • 3.3.1

        The Government has the following objectives for the Broadband Delivery Programme:

      • 3.3.2

        Objective 1: To support economic growth in the UK, including in rural areas

      • 3.3.3

        Objective 2: To ensure this country has the best Superfast Broadband in Europe by the end of this parliament (2015):

        • To ensure access to Superfast Broadband (through whatever medium) is extended to as great a proportion of communities in the UK as possible;

        • To ensure the market place provides the ability for Customers to access Superfast Broadband at an affordable price;

        • Where the private sector is unlikely to deliver similar services on a commercial basis;

        • By May 2015.

      • 3.3.4

        Objective 3: To ensure delivery of Standard Broadband to virtually all communities in the UK within the lifetime of this parliament (2015):

        • Where it is not economic to deliver Superfast Broadband;

  • To ensure the market place provides the ability for all Customers to access Standard

Broadband at an affordable price;

  • Where possible, to allow for future upgrades to Superfast Broadband;


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