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aquifer, and the surficial aquifer. Analysis of data suggest that saltwater intrusion into the Pliocene-Miocene aquifer was not significant.


Jones, L.E., D. C. Powell and M.L. Maslia. 2002. Hydrogeology and Water Quality (1978) of the Floridan Aquifer System at U.S. Geological Survey Test Well 26, on Colonels Island, Near Brunswick, Georgia. U.S. Geological Survey, Water-Resources Investigations Report 02-4020.

To gain a more accurate understanding of the hydrogeology of coastal Georgia a test well was placed on Colonels Island, GA. This report provides information regarding the well logs and geochemistry of the water samples.


Knott, J.L. Jr. 1995. New frontiers in wastewater treatment. Environmental Protection, 6:20, 23-24.

This article discusses a progressive wastewater management program in use on Dewees Island, South Carolina.


Kozel, T.R. 1991. Surface water quality in three interdunal ponds, south end ponds ecosystem, Cumberland Island, Georgia. In: Hatcher, K.J. (ed.), Proceedings of the 1991 Georgia Water Resources Conference, 19-20 March, 1991, Univ. of GA, Athens, GA.

Baseline data on depth and 14 water chemistry characteristics was collected over a 5 year period for 3 interdunal ponds on Cumberland Island, Georgia. This study allows for seasonal as well as annual fluctuations in the ponds ecology to be considered.


Krause, R.E. 1972. Effects of Groundwater Pumping in Parts of Liberty and Macintosh Counties, Georgia 1966-70. Georgia Geological Survey, Information Circular 45, 1972. 15 p.

This report discusses the impact on water levels at locations around Liberty and McIntosh counties as a result of increased pumping near Riceboro, Georgia.


Krause, R.E. and Randolph, R.B. 1989. Hydrology of the Floridan aquifer system in southeast Georgia and adjacent parts of Florida and South Carolina. U.S. Geological Survey, Professional Paper 1403-D. (Located at Georgia Southern library).

This report provides a comprehensive overview of Floridan aquifer characteristics in Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina.


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