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water-level was predicted when there was a decrease in public pumping supply in Brunswick.


Reilly, T.E. and A.S. Goodman. 1985. Quantitative Analysis of Saltwater- Freshwater Relationships in groundwater systems – A historical perspective. Journal of Hydrology, 80:125-160.

This article provides a historical summary of existing and ongoing work dealing with the numerical analysis of saltwater-freshwater interactions. Specific discussion is presented dealing with the simplifications and assumptions necessary for analysis of these complex interactions.


Ruppel, C., G. Shultz and S. Kruse. 2000. Anomalous Fresh Water Lens Morphology on a Strip Barrier Island. Groundwater, 38:872-881.

Several factors were investigated which may have influence on the particular shape of the freshwater lens beneath St. Georgia Island, Florida. A combination of site specific physical factors is the most likely cause for the asymmetrical shape of the freshwater lens. Results from this study demonstrate the need for caution when making assumptions about freshwater beneath barrier islands.


Schultz, G. and C. Ruppel. 2002. Constraints on hydraulic parameters and implications for groundwater flux across the upland-estuary interface. Journal of Hydrology, 260:255-269.

Several methods of testing were applied to determine hydraulic parameters at the upland- estuary interface on Sapelo Island, Georgia. Results showed a significant difference in hydraulic conductivity on either side of this boundary.


Serfes, M.E. 1991. Determining the mean hydraulic gradient of groundwater affected by tidal fluctuations. Groundwater, 29:549-555.

Tidal fluctuations are shown to influence the hydraulic magnitude and gradient in a confined aquifer in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Methods for calculating the mean hydraulic gradient in these environments are presented.

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    Siple, G.E. 1956. Memorandum on the geology and groundwater resources of the Parris Island area, South Carolina. U.S. Geological Survey, Open File Report 57-

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      29 p.


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