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Studies Unit, Technical Report No. 50. Institute of Ecology, University of Georgia, Athens.

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(108) Bratton, S.P. 1993. Survivorship of Evergreen Hardwoods after wildfire in Maritime forest, Cumberland, Island National Seashore, GA. Castanea, 58:34-44.

Live oak, laurel oak, and red bay trees were assessed for post burn survivorship following three natural fires on Cumberland Island, Georgia. Amount of crown scorch for oaks and degree of basal scorch for red bay trees were used as indicators for mortality rates. Data indicates that prescribed fire would probably have little effect on forest structure.

(109) *Bryan, A.L. Jr. 1996. The foraging ecology of Wood Storks nesting in the coastal zone of Georgia and South Carolina in 1995. Report to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Nongame-Endangered Species Program, Brunswick, Georgia.

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(110) Carter, T.C., M.A. Menzel, D.M. Krishon and J. Laerm. 1998. Prey selection by five species of vespertilionid bats on Sapelo Island, Georgia. Brimleyana, 25:158-170.

Data was obtained on prey selection of five species of bats with fecal samples of 132 individuals. Four orders of insects dominated the diet of these bats: Coleoptera, Hymenoptera, Lepidoptera, and Hemiptera. All fives bat species exhibited significant selection for and against certain insect orders.

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    Chamberlain, W.D. and E.B. Chamberlain. 1975. Avifauna of Kiawah Island. In: W.M. Campbell, J.M. Dean and W.K. Chamberlain (eds.), Environmental inventory of Kiawah Island, Environmental Research Center, Inc., Columbia, SC.

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Kiawah Island, South Carolina was studied for 13 months to document the status and distribution of bird life on the island. Detailed information is provided for each species observed including behavior traits and preferred habitats.

(112) Chamberlain, W.D. 1982. Avian Population Density in the Maritime Forest of Two South Carolina Barrier Islands. Birds, 36:142-145.


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