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This study documents avian density in maritime forest on two South Carolina barrier islands. Capers Island experiences light recreational use and Kiawah Island experiences greater developmental pressure and recreational use. Transects crossed each island through a variety of habitats and were sampled bi-weekly between March and September.

(113) Coker, W.C. 1905. Observations on the flora of Isle of Palms, Charleston, South Carolina. Torreya, 5:135-145.

This early report identifies the vegetation present on the Isle of Palm, South Carolina. Vegetation is grouped into several habitat categories: upper beach, dunes, fresh marsh, forest, hammocks, salt flats and marshes.

(114) Cox, J. 1988. The influence of forest size on transient and resident bird species occupying maritime hammocks of northeastern Florida. Florida Field Naturalist, 16:25-34.

Using point count surveys small and large maritime hammocks in northeastern Florida were studied to evaluate use of habitat by migrating, resident, and over-wintering birds. Large hammocks exhibited the greatest species richness and many species showed preference for either large or small hammocks. The forested areas of large hammocks appears to be important habitat for migrating warbler species.

(115) Davis, A. H. Jr. 1981. Ecological and Physiological parameters of mercury and cesium-137 accumulation in the raccoon. PhD Dissertation (Abstract). University of Georgia, Athens.

This study provides data regarding mercury and cesium-137 levels in raccoons sampled from 4 southeastern locations.

(116) Davison, D. and S.P. Bratton. 1988. Vegetation response and regrowth after fire on Cumberland Island National Seashore, Georgia. Castanea, 53:47-65.

Patterns of response and re-growth were monitored following a natural fire on Cumberland Island, Georgia. The proportion of most species post-fire growth resembled that of pre-fire composition within 2 years.

(117) Davison, K.L. 1984. Vegetation response and regrowth after fire on Cumberland Island National Seashore, Georgia. U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service, Research/Resource Management Report SER-69. 121 pp.


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