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Vegetation surveys and soil samples were surveyed for 2 years following a fire on Cumberland Island, Georgia. Data was compared with measurements taken from unburned, old burn, and prescribed burn locations. Mature hardwood species were little affected by the fire. Mature pine species exhibited high mortality rates. All species of scrub vegetation was present among the regrowth.

(118) Duncan, W.H. 1982. The Vascular Vegetation of Sapelo Island, Georgia. Botany Department, University of Georgia and Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Atlanta. 75 pp.

This study provides information about the vegetation types and species occurring on Sapelo Island, Georgia.

(119) Ehrenfeld, J.G. 1990. Dynamics and processes of barrier island vegetation. Reviews in Aquatic Sciences, 2:437-480.

Barrier island vegetation is examined with regard to the complex environmental conditions of maritime forests. Emphasis is placed on the ways barrier island vegetation responds to abiotic and biotic factor interaction.

(120) Ewins, P.J. 1997. Osprey (pandion haliaetus) populations in forested areas of North America: changes, their causes and management recommendations. Journal for Raptor Research, 31:138-150.

Although not specific to southeast coast, this paper recommends relevant management strategies for osprey habitat.

(121) Fabrizio, L., and M.S. Calvi. 2003. Georgia’s Marsh Hammocks A Biological Survey. Southern Environmental Law Center, 200 West Franklin St., Suite 330, Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Biological surveys of marshland hammock islands in Georgia were conducted between October 2001 and September 2002. Data was collected pertaining to habitat use by various species of plants and animals. Small hammocks were found to support a wide diversity of plants and animals.

(122) Ford, C.R. 1987. Spotlight survey for white-tailed deer population trends on Cumberland Island National Seashore. National Park Service, Cooperative Park Studies Unit, Technical Report Number 42. National Park Service, Athens, GA. 11 p.


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