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was found to be a significant factor in both species richness and abundance of breeding birds in this environment.

(138) McPherson, G.R. 1988. Boundary Dynamics on Cumberland Island National Seashore. University of Georgia Institute of Ecology. National Park Service, Cooperative Park Studies Unit Technical Report 49. 112 pp.

Historical and recent aerial photographs, vegetation and soil descriptions, as well as soil fertility measurements were interpreted to determine the role of disturbance in controlling boundary environments on Cumberland Island, Georgia. Disturbance was found to be a minor factor in the community dynamics, suggesting that wildfires in scrub and marsh environments should not be suppressed.

(139) *Menzel, M.A., T.C. Carter and D.M. Krishon. 1995. Roosting, foraging and habitat use by bats of Sapelo Island, Georgia. Final Report to the Georgia Nongame Wildlife Program, Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

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(140) Odom, R.R., 1976. Heron Survey of the Georgia Coast. Oriole, 41:19-35.

The Georgia coast east of Interstate 95 was searched for locations of heronries. Twenty- five active sites were located and mapped. Data on species composition, approximate abundance, stages of reproduction, nesting habitats, disturbance and colony size were collected from site visits.

(141) Odum, R.R. 1978. Wood storks nesting on the Georgia Coast. Oriole, 43:1-5.

This paper documents the presence of a Wood Storks nesting colony in Camden County, Georgia.

(142) Osborn, R.G. and T.W. Custer. 1978. Herons and their allies: Atlas of Atlantic Coast colonies, 1975 and 1976. United States Fish and Wildlife Service FWS/OBS-77/08.

This atlas provides maps and species information about 291 colonies of egrets, and herons along the Atlantic United States Coast.

(143) Pearson, S.M., J.M. Walsh and J. Pickering. 1992. Wood stork use of wetland habitats around Cumberland Island, Georgia. Colonial Waterbirds, 15:33-42.


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