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Booth, R.K., F.J. Rich and G.A. Bishop. 1999. Palynology and Depositional History of Late Pleistocene and Holocene Coastal Sediments From St. Catherines Island, Georgia, U.S.A. Palynology, 23:67-86.

Sediment cores were taken on St. Catherines Island, Georgia in order to determine ages, environment at time of deposition, and correlation with other coastal and inland locations.


Brandau, B.L. and J.E. Noakes. 1972. University of Georgia Radiocarbon dates II. Radiocarbon, 14:486-497.

A collection of radiocarbon dates from several areas around Sapelo Island, Georgia. Locations are given descriptively and with latitude and longitude coordinates.


Colquhoun, D.J. 1969. Coastal Plain Terraces in the Carolinas and Georgia, U.S.A. Quaternary Geology and Climate, Publication 1701, National Academy of Sciences, Washington D.C.

A discussion of the dynamics involved in coastal plain terrace formation including both terrestrial and marine processes.


Couper, J.H. 1846. On the geology of a part of the seacoast of the State of Georgia. In: Hodgson, W.B., ed., Memoir on the Megatherium and other Extinct Gigantic Quadrapeds of the Coast of Georgia. New York: Bartlett and Welford., p. 31-50.

An early report on coastal Georgia geology with information specifically regarding fossil remains discovered around Brunswick and Skidaway Island, Georgia.


Duc, A.W. 1981. Back-Barrier Stratigraphy of Kiawah Island, South Carolina. PhD Dissertation (Abstract). University of South Carolina.

Vibracores collected from back-barrier areas around Kiawah Island, South Carolina were used to describe the complex stratigraphy of the area. Specific data is presented related to depositional patterns and settings of the back-barrier environment.


Duc, A.W. and R.S. Tye. 1987. Evolution and Stratigraphy of Kiawah Island, South Carolina. Sedimentology, 34:237-251.

The formation of Kiawah Island, South Carolina and the associated back-barrier environment is described from stratigraphic analysis of vibracore samples from around the island.


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