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(164) Stalter, R. 1984. The Flora of Bull Island, Charleston County, South Carolina. Bartonia, 50:27-30.

Bull Island, South Carolina was categorized into 3 major plant communities, salt marsh, oak forest, and sand dune, as well as 2 minor communities, freshwater marsh and scrub. Species of vegetation in each community was documented.

(165) Stratton, D.A., S.P. Bratton and D.M. Simon. 1984. An inventory of Forest Fire Fuels at Cumberland Island National Seashore, Georgia. University of Georgia Institute of Ecology. National Park Service, Cooperative Park Services Unit Technical Report 6. 33 pp.

Woody fuel biomass was measured and evaluated for several sites on Cumberland Island National Seashore. Fuel loads were measured as one-hour, ten-hour, one hundred-hour, and thousand-hour estimates. Highest fuel loads were found in 5-year old regrowth forests and lowest fuel loads were found in 1-year old regrowth forests.

(166) *Teal, J.M. 1959. The birds of Sapelo Island and vicinity. The Oriole, 24:1-14.

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(167) Tainter, F.H., T.M. Williams and J.B. Cody. 1983. Drought as a cause of oak decline and death on the South Carolina coast. Plant Disease, 67:195-197.

This study describes the investigation of two periods of oak decline along the South Carolina coast in the early 1980’s. Drought was considered the primary climatic trigger for oak mortality. The species most effected were red oaks.

(168) Tolliver, K.S., D.W. Martin and D.R. Young. 1997. Freshwater and saltwater flooding response for woody species common to barrier island swales. Wetlands, 17:10-18.

This study examines the response of 5 species of vegetation found in barrier island swale habitat to fresh and salt water flooding. Of the vegetation sampled only Baccharis halimifolia was significantly affected by freshwater flooding. Saltwater flooding had variable affects on all vegetation at low, mid-range, and high salinity levels.

(169) Turner, S. and S.P. Bratton. 1987. The recent fire history of Cumberland Island, Georgia. Castanea, 52:300-303.


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