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samples showed infection prevalence was 0.0%, St. Catherines samples showed infection prevalence was 0.9%, and Ft. McAllister samples showed an infection prevalence of 9.3%. Geographic isolation, human disturbance, and availability of suitable host species may all be factors influencing infection prevalence.

(175) Young, D.R., D.L. Erickson and S.W. Semones. 1994. Salinity and the small- scale distribution of three barrier island shrubs. Canadian Journal of Botany, 72:1365-1372.

Three species of small shrubs found on coastal barrier islands at the saltmarsh-upland boundary were examined for distribution patterns related to salinity. Groundwater salinity and soil chlorides both showed considerable spatial and seasonal variation.

(176) Zingmark, R.G. (ed.). 1978. An Annotated checklist of the biota of the coastal zone of South Carolina. University of South Carolina Press, Columbia. (Foreward and Table of Contents on file). 357 pp.

This checklist provides a detailed inventory of the flora and fauna found along South Carolina’s coast.

(177) *Zweifel, R.G. and C.J. Cole. 1974. An Annotated checklist of the Amphibians and Reptiles of St. Catherines Island, Georgia. American Museum of Natural History, New York. 32 pp.

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Ecology and Miscellaneous

(178) * Bellis, V.J. 1992. Floristic Continuity Among the Maritime Forests of the Atlantic Coast of the United States. In: C.A. Cole and F.K. Turner, (eds.). Barrier Island Ecology of the Mid-Atlantic Coast: A Symposium. U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service, Atlanta, GA. p. 21-29.

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(179) Bellis, V.J. and J.R. Keough. 1995. Ecology of maritime forests of the southern Atlantic coast: A community profile. Biological Report of the National Biological Service no. 30. 95 pp.

The maritime forest community is described as occurring on barrier islands and adjacent mainland from North Carolina to Florida. This publication serves as a synopsis of


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