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existing literature aimed towards understanding the unique character of maritime forest ecology. These habitats are described with regard to geology, flora, fauna, and management needs.

(180) Bratton, S.P. 1986. Experimental Control of Tung Trees at Cumberland Island National Seashore. National Park Service, Cooperative Park Studies Unit Technical Report 29. Institute of Ecology, University of Georgia. 18 pp.

Various methods were assessed for removal of exotic tung trees. This report provides data on the survivorship percentage of each of the methods for different sized trees. Hand pulling was found to be most effective for small plants, and prescribed fire with subsequent hand pulling and girdling for larger stands.

(181) Campbell, W.M. and J..M. Dean, (eds.). 1975. Environmental Inventory of Kiawah Island. Environmental Research Center Inc., Columbia, S.C. 692 p.

A detailed compilation of research in 13 scientific disciplines was conducted on Kiawah Island, South Carolina to inventory the environmental characteristics of the island and examine relationships among the different ecosystems.

(182) *Chalmers, A.G. 1997. The Ecology of Sapelo Island National Estuarine Research Reserve. NOAA Report NA470R414, 138 p.

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(183) Clayton, T.D., L.A. Taylor Jr., W.J. Cleary, P.E. Hosier, P.H.F. Graber, W.J. Neal and O.H. Pilkey, Sr. 1992. Living With the Georgia Shore. Duke University Press, Durham and London.

A comprehensive book describing the physical setting and processes, particularly erosion from hurricanes, storms and waves, affecting each of the barrier islands of Georgia.

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    Dame, R., M. Alber, D. Allen, M. Mallin, C. Montague, A. Lewitus, A. Chalmers,

    • R.

      Gardner, C. Gilman, B. Kjerfve, J. Pinckney and N. Smith. 2000. Estuaries of the South Atlantic Coast of North America: Their Geographical signatures. Estuaries, 23:793-819.

Estuaries from North Carolina through Florida along the South Atlantic coast are classified into broad descriptive categories based on structure and composition. The status of these estuaries is discussed with respect to climate, productivity, natural phenomena, and human habitation.


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