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*Farrell, K.M., V.J. Henry and S.V. Cofer-Shabica. 1993. Geomorphology, facies sequences and processes in back-barrier salt marshes, Cumberland Island, Georgia. In: Farrell, K.M., Hoffman, C.W. and Henry, V.J. (eds.). Geomorphology and facies relationships of Quaternary barrier island complexes near St. Mary’s Georgia. Georgia Geological Society Guidebooks. V.13(1), Nov. 1993, p. 42-63.

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Flint, R.F. 1940. Pleistocene features of Atlantic Coastal Plain. American Journal of Science, 238:757-787.

A literature review and evaluation of theories regarding the origin of Pleistocene features along the Atlantic Coastal Plain.

(10) Frey, R.W. and J.D. Howard. 1969. A profile of biogenic sedimentary structures in a Holocene barrier island-salt marsh complex, Georgia. Trans. Gulf Coast Ass. Geol. Societies, 19:427-444.

Biogenic sedimentary structure is described as it occurs in the various regions of Holocene barrier islands and the associated salt marsh area. Preservation of biogenic sedimentary structure may be maintained in the rock record of earlier environments.

(11) Frey, R.W. and J.D. Howard. 1988. Beaches and beach related facies, Holocene Barrier Islands of Georgia. Geological Magazine, 125:621-640.

Provides a comprehensive discussion of how sedimentary features and depositional environments are distributed along the Georgia coast.

(12) Griffin, M. M. 1982. Geologic Guide to Cumberland Island National Seashore. Geologic Guide 6. Department of Natural Resources, Geologic and Water Resources Division, Atlanta, GA.

A geologic guide for Cumberland Island, Georgia with descriptions of overall processes as well as detailed information about specific locations on the island.

(13) Griffin, M.M. and V.J. Henry. 1984. Historical Changes in the Mean High water Shoreline of Georgia. Georgia Geological Survey, Bulletin 98.

The mean high water shoreline of Georgia was examined using a collection of historical topographic, hydrographic and orthophotographic maps and aerial photos. The study


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