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(205) Lenarz, M.S. 1983. Population Size, Movements, Habitat Preferences and Diet of the Feral Horses of Cumberland Island National Seashore. National Park Service National Park Service, Cooperative Park Studies Unit. University of Georgia. Technical Report no. 3.

The horse population of Cumberland Island was monitored to determine seasonal differences in diet and habitat preferences. Salt marsh and lawn areas were most heavily utilized during the spring, summer, and fall seasons. During winter months the horses used grasslands and inter-dune meadows.

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    *Mathews, T.D., F. W. Stapor, C.R. Richter, J.V. Miglarese, M. D. McKenzie and

    • L.

      A. Barclay. 1980. Ecological Characterization of the Sea Island Coastal Region of South Carolina and Georgia, Volume 1. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior, Washington D.C.

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(207) Noss, R.F., E.T. Laroe III and M. Scott. 1995. Patterns and trends of land use and land cover on Atlantic and Gulf Coast barrier islands. In: Endangered Ecosystems of the U.S.: A preliminary assessment of loss and degradation. U.S. Dept. of the Interior, Biological Report 28. 59 pp.

Ecosystems around the country were reviewed and assessed for their environmental status. This analysis identified 30 ecosystems as critically endangered, 58 as endangered, and over 38 as threatened ecosystems. Conservation strategies are suggested for various eco-regions around the United States.

(208) *Oosting, H.J. 1954. Ecological Processes and vegetation of the Maritime Strand in the Southeastern United States. Botanical Review, 20:226-262.

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    Sandifer, P.A., J.V. Miglarese, D.R. Calder, J.J. Manzie and L.A. Barclay (eds).

  • 1980.

    Ecological Characterization of the Sea Island Coastal Region of South

Carolina and Georgia, vol. 3. Biological Features of the Characterization area. Marine Resources Division, South Carolina Wildlife and Marine Resources Department, Charleston. 150 p.

A detailed description of the individual ecosystems associated with the Georgia and South Carolina coast. Ecosystem processes are described as well as species inventories for specific locations.


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