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identifies time periods during which the coast demonstrated erosion, progradation, as well as times of dynamic stability.

(14) Hails, J.R. and J.H. Hoyt. 1969. The Significance and Limitations of Statistical Parameters for Distinguishing Ancient and Modern Sedimentary Environments of the Lower Georgia Coastal Plain. Journal of Sedimentary Petrology, 39:559-580.

Barrier island and salt marsh lagoon sediments were collected from coastal Georgia to evaluate the ability of statistical parameters to discriminate among sedimentary environments with the goal of applying these techniques to the rock record.

(15) Hayes, M.O., S.J. Wilson, D.M. Fitzgerald, L.J. Hulmes and D.K. Hubbard. 1975. Coastal Processes and geomorphology: environmental inventory of Kiawah Island: Columbia South Carolina, Environmental Research Center, Inc., p. G1-G165.

Kiawah Island, South Carolina was evaluated prior to resort development for ecological features and coastal processes of the island to create a development model for barrier islands. Areas of the island designated as ecologically sensitive and areas designated as having a high risk of erosion were excluded from the development plan.

  • (16)

    Hayes, M.O., V.J. Henry, T.F. Moslow, A.M. Wojtal, G.A. Zarillo and L.F. Lens.

  • 1980.

    Coastal Environments of Georgia and South Carolina. In: Frey, R.W. and

Neathery, T.L. (eds.) Excursions in Southeastern Geology, Volume II: Geological Society of America 1980 Annual Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia. American Geological Institute, p. 281-310.

Holocene beach environments in Georgia and South Carolina are described in detail with specific features of interest identified for each island.

(17) Hayes, M.O. 1994. The Georgia Bight Barrier System. In: R.A. Davis, Jr. ed., Geology of Holocene Barrier Islands. Berlin, Germany: Springer-Verlag, p. 233- 304.

An exhaustive summary of the geology of the barrier island system in Georgia and South Carolina presented in a textbook format. Other barrier systems are treated in separate chapters and are available for comparison.

(18) Hayden, B.P. and R. Dolan. 1979. Barrier Islands, lagoons and marshes. Journal of Sediment Petrology, 49:1061-1072.


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