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234.R. Abraham Isaac haKohen Kook, supra, note 232, p. 123, column b, and p. 126, column a. The correspondence deals with R. Kook’s Passover certification of kitniyyot (legume) oils prepared by an innovative process.

234*.R. Sha’ul Yisraeli, Resp. beMar’e haBazak, III, secs. 25 and 26. In a letter to Dov I. Frimer, dated 12 Adar II 5760, R. Moshe Ehrenreich and R. Yoseph Carmel clarified that the word “assur” (forbidden) was purposely never used in these responsa. Nevertheless, women’s services should be opposed on public policy grounds: they are novel practices instituted for non-traditional reasons and, in some cases, improper motivation. In a subsequent phone conversation (November 1999, Kislev 5760) R. Carmel indicated that the wording of the responsa was his, but it was specifically approved by R. Yisraeli in a meeting held between R. Carmel, R. Ehrenreich and R. Yisraeli.

234**.See also the comments of R. J. David Bleich, supra, note 103 and Tradition 33:1 (Fall 1998) pp. 131-133.

234***. R. Yaakov Ariel, R. Aharon Lichtenstein and R. Shlomo Chaim Aviner, in Bat-Mitsva (Jerusalem: MaTan, 2002), Sarah Friedland Ben Arza, Editor; pp. 511-515. See also view of R. Barukh Gigi, ibid., pp. 519-521. R. Ariel is primarily concerned with the splitting of the community. R. Lichtenstein is troubled by this split, by a possible undermining of Jewish custom and tradition, and the impact it will have on the genuine kiyyum ha-mitsvot of the normative prayer service. R. Aviner and R. Gigi are troubled by the slippery slope to other reforms.

234****. See the comments of Justice Elon, supra, note 4, at pp. 322-323.

235.Names in alphabetical order (date of interview): R. Yosef Adler (3/10/96), R. Moshe Berger (7/23/97), R. Jeffrey Bienenfeld (4/12/97), R. Kenneth Brander (2/12/96), R. Mordechai Feuerstein (2/5/96), Mrs. Sabina Frimer (4/5/96), R. Shmuel Goldin (7/29/97), R. David Gorelik (3/7/96 and 9/7/96), R. Carmi Horowitz (2/16/96 and 2/21/96), R. Yehuda Kelemer (2/16/96 and 6/17/96), R. Baruch Lanner (5/4/97), Mr. Nathan Lewin (7/24/97), R. Aharon Lichtenstein (9/25/94, 2/1/96 and 1/8/97)), Dr. Tovah Lichtenstein (2/1/96), R. Haskel Lookstein (2/1/96 and 3/13/96), Dr. Caroline Peyser (5/9/97), R. Shlomo Riskin (1/31/96, 5/27/96 and 1/1/97), R. Bernard Rosensweig (8/5/97), R. Jacob J. Schacter (2/1/96), R. Haym Soloveitchik (2/5/96), Dr. Atarah Twersky (2/1/96), R. Mayer Twersky (7/28/97), R. Oscar Wachstock (R. Abraham Etzion; 1/31/96, 2/1/96 and notes dated Emor 1972), R. Binyomin Walfish (3/10/96), R. Charles Weinberg (2/1/96 and 2/21/96). We express our deepest thanks to all of these people for sharing with us the

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