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  • The applicable weekly level of unemployment insurance compensation (for


participants who were eligible for unemployment insurance compensation a result of a qualifing dislocation), or

If the worker did not qualify for unemployment insurance compensation, the weekly payment may not exceed the poverty level for an equivalent period. The weekly payment level must be adjusted to reflect changes in total family income as determined by Local Board policies.

WIA does not specify a minimum level of payment.

C. Needs-Related Payments Policy Requirements

Local Workforce Investment Boards that approve the use of Needs-Related Payments will need to submit their policy for approval to the Colorado Department of Labor prior to local implementation.

The policy must address the following issues:

  • Determination of level of NRPs (payment amount).

  • Can and/or will payments be made to participants on sick, vacation, or holiday leave?

  • What attendance and academic standards will be required for payments to continue and how will this be verified?

  • How many hours/credits must a participant be registered for in order to remain eligibile for NRPs?

  • How will Extended UI Benefits affect receiving NRPs?

  • Will NRPs be suspended during periods of earned income (how will income be calculated?) and will participants have to requalify to start receiving NRPs again once the income ends?

  • Who will have the authority to approve participant requests for NRPs and how will the approval process be handled?

  • Who will manage the NRP program?

  • Who will respond to questions and complaints?

  • Documentation requirements (see “D” below)

  • If an individual receives NRPs at the same time as supportive services from another program/partner, how will this be coordinated and documented?

A thorough and complete description of the payment processing system must include:

  • Who will handle NRP form distribution, payment accounting, and payment processing?

  • What will the payment schedule be for NRPs?

  • How will participants claim payments?

  • What is the maximum limit for NRPs per individual?

  • How will overpayments (or the potential for overpayments) be monitored and recovered?

The policy must state that in the event of the discovery of fraudulent activity, all payments to the fraudulent party will cease and all funds paid will be recovered. All cases of fraud or suspected fraud will be forwarded to the appropriate legal authorities for prosecution.

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