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embedded in the normal functioning of LCP. LCP is the repository, not the originator, of ontological commitments. Speculative ontological claims are exciting, thought-provoking, controversy-generating. Ontological claims that have become embedded as functional presuppositions of LCP are like dead metaphors, no longer exciting, thought-provoking, or for the most part, even explicitly noted. They emerge from forgetfulness only through crises that provoke foundational analyses, or through philosophical simulacra of such crises. Yet, these embedded presuppositions have evolved to meet the dual constraints of empirical adequacy and conceptual consistency.

Here the familiar thesis of ontological relativity has no deep purchase. LCP had its roots in Aristotle and medieval Aristotelianism. The scientific revolution mediated a major change in orientation from the organismic world view of medieval Aristotelianism to the atomistic reductionism Descartes and Newton intended. When this proved to be more a goal than a foundation, the underlying categorial system was retained in a modified form. This is still a modification of lived world ontology. It is not a fundamental ontology of reality. LCP as such has not undergone major conceptual revolutions involving radical ontological switches. Yet, LCP must be recognized as a phenomenological system, even though an adequate depth replacement is not yet at hand. The type of conceptual revolution this will involve is not yet clear.

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